Big News for ClearPoll (and beyond)

Hi everyone!

Thanks for being such awesome followers of ClearPoll.

So we have a bunch of good news (and it just keep piling up every day).

I’ll start with some ClearPoll app development news. We’re adding a few nice new features to the app and desktop platform which we think will enhance the user experience plus increase our user base.

The new features are:

  • Private polls. Previously we had only planned to make public polls, which are voted on as topics, and then become poll questions if they are popular enough. However, we realise now that being able to quickly launch a poll about anything you like, and ask a select group of people (your friends, for example) would be an awesome addition to ClearPoll. So, we have put together a feature which allows users to create a private poll, select a password to view and vote on that poll, and then the user can share that password with anyone they like. Not only a small private group, this will also be great for live streamers etc. Think of a question, instantly create a poll, give the viewers the password and away you go.
  • Desktop browser voting. You asked for it, we’ve come up with a way to allow voting through the ClearPoll website, and still remain just as secure as via your phone. Desktop voting opens up some great potential. Now you can see a poll result on a website (using widgets) and participate in the poll without using your phone. You can even go directly to the poll within ClearPoll, by clicking the link in the widget. No need to have to search for the poll.
  • Variable Poll Durations. Rather than all polls lasting just 24 hours, we will allow the poll creators to select from 1 day, 2 days or 7 days for the duration of their poll. This will give the option of building more interest while a poll is active, but still gives the option for a nice quick poll if required, and there will still be a heap of fresh content at all times.


Now for the big news…

You may have heard a few rumours. Some of them actually weren’t far off the mark at all. So here goes..

Some of you may be aware that recently we were almost scammed by “Fake Suppo”. That is, we contacted the real Suppo (a well known crypto trader) and our contact was intercepted, and then an imposter emailed us claiming he was the real Suppo, and asked us for some Bitcoin in exchange for making us a video. We had no way of knowing this was happening to us. Another situation happened just this week to a blockchain project running an ICO. They got hacked, and their contribution address was changed. Several contributions were made to the hackers before anyone noticed.

So it gave us an idea. What if there was a way to be 100% sure that you’re sending crypto to the real, intended recipient? What if we had a way to check what Suppo’s real BTC address was, to check it against the one we were given?

Our solution? Check out

Why is this a big deal for POLL holders? Because rather than create a whole new token for the Clearify project and run an ICO, we are going to use POLL tokens as the currency for Clearify! This is great for the demand of POLL tokens. We believe Clearify will be popular and the end result will be a very nice, regular flow of POLL tokens. Clearify clients use credits to add their official addresses, and credits can only be purchased with POLL tokens. A very similar business model to ClearPoll.

Clearify is actually due to be launched early in 2018, well before ClearPoll launches, so the demand and actual usage of POLL tokens will be happening far sooner than expected. Clearify is a very exciting project, not only with its potential, but it is very achievable and we’re already deep in development. It will not affect the development of ClearPoll at all. In fact, it will provide a fantastic cross promotion opportunity. We verify corporate clients for Clearify, they are instantly also exposed to ClearPoll services, and vice versa.

Still not convinced? Well, we’ve just agreed to a partnership with a major source of crypto addresses. We can’t name them just yet (we’re still finalising the deal) but they will be a great source of regular clients for Clearify from day one. So, in summary:

  • We believe Clearify will be popular
  • It is already in development
  • We’ve already got business lined up for it
  • It uses POLL tokens. The same POLL tokens you already hold. We will never generate any more tokens.

We hope this news continues your faith in what we’re doing. We won’t stop having more ideas and seeing them through. Even bigger things to come in the near future.

– The ClearPoll Team

November 30th, 2017|