ClearPoll Features

ClearPoll is much, much more than just a polling app. We have jam-packed it with amazing features that add up to something big, something you’ve never seen before. ClearPoll is not like any other “blockchain voting project”.

ClearPoll User Polls

Users earn points for every vote their polls receive. They also earn points for every vote they cast on a Sponsored Poll.

Users can see a ranking amongst all users for the month, and at the end of each month the rankings are converted into a share of POLL tokens.

The POLL tokens come from ClearPoll revenue. 50% of all revenue is fed into the ClearPoll Rewards Pool. Revenue comes from Advertising, Sponsored Polls and ClearPoll Plus.

ClearPoll User Rewards is going to introduce a HUGE mainstream audience to POLL tokens. In order to convert their points into tokens, they must insert their POLL address (ERC20) into the app. Only users with a POLL address are eligible for the rewards for that month — meaning if you do have an address, you will be receiving a large portion of the revenue.

There will be a minimum withdrawal limit (to be determined) due to TX fees on the Ethereum network. Users will be encouraged to create great polls, as the fastest way to earn points is for your poll to go crazy with votes!

For more information about ClearPoll User Rewards, take a look here.

Star Polls

ClearPoll Star Polls allows celebrities, stars and influencers to poll their fans.

Star Polls not only provides a great way to engage an audience, but offers great exposure to a whole new crowd — as it has its own prominent section within the app.

We’re busy encouraging stars to come on board — and we are making great progress already, with many stars keen to use the platform from day one. We’ve got interest from stars with millions of followers

Star Polls is great news for POLL token holders, as it provides an excellent reason for mainstream users to keep returning to the app. More users means more votes, which result in more rewards.

If you have any contacts who would qualify as a “star” — feel free to invite them to contact us, we’ve got a special offer waiting for them.

Private Polls

Private polls allow all users to create polls instantly, and protect them with a 4 digit pin code — to control their voting audience.

This is an ideal feature for live streamers (they create the poll on air and give out the code to vote) or for small scale official votes. For example you may be a member of a club, and want to host a poll on a specific issue. To ensure only your members can have a say, you give them the pin codes (it would be up to you to control the access to the code).

Private polls will not appear in archives, but will appear in searches, so that the poll creator can allow users to find their poll. Poll results will be viewable by all, but only those with the code can vote.

Local, National and Global Polls

You can easily view polls created by users in your area. Simple switch tabs to “local” and instantly filter out all polls outside of your area. This is ideal for searching and voting on local issues. We understand that a local poll with 50 votes might be just as important as a global poll with 50,000. In order to make those polls easy to find, the local filter works very well. The national filter works exactly the same way.

When a user creates a poll, they select “local, national or global” which restricts exactly who can see the poll.

Sponsored Polls

Sponsored polls have their own special section, to separate them from all other user generated polls.

Corporate clients can create a sponsored poll for market research, or just for exposure, as they will be exposed to a very large, potentially new audience.

Gatorade might create a poll asking your favourite flavour. Nike might create a poll asking which Air Jordan shoe was the best ever.

Every sponsored poll comes with full access to advanced poll result metrics such as age, gender, location and interests (based on user activity). No individual user data is obtainable — it is purely cumulative statistical data.

So not only can they create a poll and view the results, they can really dig in to exactly which demographics are responding and which way they each voted. This is a very valuable tool.

ClearPoll Plus

A user can access the advanced metrics mentioned above, for any historical poll they wish. This is also valuable for market research — particularly if a user wanted to compare the change in poll results over time , even if they did not create the original historical poll themselves.

All completed polls can be “unlocked” with ClearPoll Plus. The cost is based on the number of votes the poll received (a credits based system).

ClearPoll Advertising

We have created our own advertising system, allowing anyone to create an ad for placement in the ClearPoll app. All ads are text only — no images or rich media. This is by design to keep the app uncluttered and clean.

Users select a headline, description, button text and link destination. All ads are moderated by our team. Poll category, geographic location and other options are chosen, and a budget is set. Ads are CPM (pay for impressions) and is on the same credits system ClearPoll Plus and Sponsored Polls runs on — it all happens in the same account.

Ads will not be shown on poll archive pages. We understand that it would be too easy to affect votes if we allowed ads next to poll questions, before voting occurs. Instead, ads will only be shown on poll result pages, historical poll pages and in other areas that do not display active polls a user is yet to vote on.

Our team is very experienced when it comes to mobile advertising, and it is potentially a huge revenue stream (and subsequently POLL token turnover).


When a user installs ClearPoll they are prompted to create a unique username. Usernames allow you to search for friends, and then add them to your “social feed”. The social feed shows latest votes by your friends, on various polls.

When you vote on a poll, you have the option to allow your friends to see that vote. It does not happen automatically, you need to opt in. Obviously, we don’t want ALL votes instantly appearing on social feeds, as this would discourage voting on sensitive topics.

As well as the social feed, there will be options to share your vote across popular social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

ClearPoll Desktop

ClearPoll is more than just a mobile app. will form a desktop version of ClearPoll, allowing users to vote from their browser, view their social feed, share votes and more.

A user must first set up ClearPoll on their mobile device, and then pair it with the desktop browser version. Once that is done, they can use ClearPoll very easy from their browser and even vote instantly on polls that are embedded on websites, via widgets (see below).

Since the user must be first logged in on mobile, multiple voting or bot voting is still not possible even though it seems to only be a standard website. Every vote cast by a user is stored on our blockchain — regardless of whether it was done on mobile or desktop.

ClearPoll Widgets

Widgets are one of the most powerful features we are working on. Users will be able to create a poll in the app, and then take its unique poll number, plug it into a widget and display the poll live on any website.

Users can vote instantly without using their device (if they are connected to the desktop browser initially).

View real time poll results on any poll, on any website. Branded with ClearPoll and linking to — this will help us grow our brand very quickly.

Widgets are 100% free for anyone to use — helping us to spread quickly and become a standard option for online polls. Without widgets, exposure to ClearPoll is more limited to app stores.

ClearPoll Ratings System

A special type of widget allows users to create a 5 or 10 star ratings bar for any website. Simply create a poll, select “ratings” as the poll type, select a title, grab the poll number and paste it into the ratings widget.

Instantly, website visitors are able to rate your article, products or anything else — and every single rating goes onto the blockchain. No bot ratings, no multiple ratings. ClearPoll Ratings is a huge improvement on current ratings bar options and it’s just another amazing feature we’re working on right now.