ClearPoll Corporate Services

ClearPoll is more than just an awesome social voting app. There is real value in the insights that large volume polls bring. There is no better market research than asking the general population for their opinion. We make it easy, with a range of corporate services.

To enquire about any of our corporate services, or for other business opportunities, please email us at

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ClearPoll Plus

ClearPoll Plus is an additional service, offering advanced metric data on individual ClearPoll poll results.

A private admin area allows you to browse for polls, ‘unlocking’ individual polls by redeeming ClearPoll credits. After unlocking a poll, you’ll be able to view the advanced data, and export reports.

With ClearPoll Plus, you can easily view key statistical data such as voter behaviour and demographics, giving you valuable insight into your chosen audience.

To add ClearPoll credits, we accept credit card payment or POLL token transfers. POLL is our own cryptocurrency, available from various cryptocurrency exchanges.

  • View advanced poll result metrics including age, gender, location, interests and more.
  • Unlock any historical poll
  • Export reports

Sponsored Polls

ClearPoll Sponsored Polls give you a unique opportunity to host your own polls, with added features. With a ClearPoll Sponsored Poll you’re not just ordering advanced metrics on an existing or historical poll - you can ask your own custom question, decide how long the poll runs for and how many responses you need. Plus, receive full ClearPoll Plus metrics on that poll.

There is incredible value in the sponsored poll service. You might ask your audience which of your new flavours or designs they prefer. You might ask them about their shopping habits, or even why they aren’t one of your customer yet? It’s up to you!

Sponsored Polls are not mixed in with regular, user generated polls. They have their own highlighted section that is easily accessible and prominent at all times. So, you’re not just receiving great value in the ClearPoll response data, you’re also gaining huge exposure simply by creating a Sponsored Poll within the app.

Users earn rewards for their responses, so you can be sure there will be an active and willing audience waiting to respond.

ClearPoll Sponsored Polls is a unique opportunity to ask a wide audience anything you like, and a great way to expand outside of your existing customer base so you can better understand how to reach a new audience.

  • Ask anything you like, and choose how many responses you'd like
  • Access ClearPoll Plus metrics on every sponsored poll you publish
  • Choose to restrict your poll to a specific demographic or location, or just poll everyone!
  • Benefit not only from the poll results, but from great exposure within a very popular app

Live Media Polls

We’ve brought together Sponsored Polls and ClearPoll Widgets, to create a unique opportunity to engage live audiences with Live Media Polls. Television, live streams, advertising and even concerts can easily launch a poll and have ClearPoll users vote via the app, and view instant live poll results.

We are able to assist with the appearance of the poll and results on screen, offering full graphics and technical support to deliver the best experience possible.

Election coverage, sports events, entertainment, reality TV voting - you name it, we’ve got the perfect solution to give the audience the power to have their say and feel part of the action.

Live Media Polls are simply Sponsored Polls with a customised graphical output. The costings are the same as running a Sponsored Poll, plus a fee for any required support in integrating the poll into the media.

Don’t miss out on a unique opportunity to engage your audience in our fully interactive social polling service.

ClearPoll Widgets

Would you like to include realtime ClearPoll poll results in your website? ClearPoll Widgets are the perfect way to give your audience the information they need on various topics.

It’s as easy an embedding a Tweet. You can easily search for a poll and insert it in seconds, into any web page you like. Realtime poll results will be shown, sourcing straight from our blockchain so you can be sure the results are accurate, up to date and unedited.

Your audience can view the results, and if they’d like to take part in the poll, they can do so easily within the ClearPoll App.

The best part of ClearPoll Widgets?

They are 100% free for anyone to use.

ClearPoll Advertising Network

The ClearPoll app will allow users to navigate to categories of their choice, such as politics, human rights, entertainment, sport and more. As an advertiser, you’ll be able to select a category and a geographical region to display your ads. Simply select your category, region and budget, upload your banner artwork and away you go.

We’ve got big plans for the rapid expansion of our user base, your audience! More than that, our ClearPoll App keenly engages users so that they return frequently and by choice (honestly, we find it addictive!).

For your business, the ability to select your audience by location and interest is a valuable tool providing more highly customised responses than standard mobile app advertising.

There are flexible options, for you to take advantage of in-app advertising. Advertising space is available on the poll result section of the app, and on the desktop version of ClearPoll.

Advertising on the ClearPoll network is a unique opportunity to reach a huge, targeted audience at a very competitive rate. Pricing is by impression, and with varying options depending on category and location.

A dashboard will be available for you to publish and edit ads, and view the performance of your campaigns.