What are the POLL token custom details?

ADDRESS: 0x705EE96c1c160842C92c1aeCfCFfccc9C412e3D9

How much was the ICO token price?

POLL tokens were sold for an average of $0.12 USD each, or around 2,500 POLL per ETH.

Is the token sale over? How did it go?

Yes, we reached our hard cap early and the token sale ended, fully funded. We sold 6,999,991 tokens in total, leaving a total number of 9,999,991 POLL in existence. 1 million tokens went to the team, 1 million for node rewards and 1 million reserved for burning, at a rate of 100 every time a poll completes on the ClearPoll app.

Where can I get POLL now?

KuCoin with BTC
KuCoin with ETH

Is there a roadmap and when is the ClearPoll launch date?

We have a full roadmap available in our whitepaper and ClearPoll is due to launch in August 2018. Development is moving very quickly.

Where is your code? Why isn’t it on GitHub?

Our project is not open source. We will not release our code, but we have released interactive demonstrations and videos showing real progress. Both of these are available in our news section.

Which blockchain are you using?

Our blockchain is purpose built for our specific needs.

“We spent some time working on our transaction and mining algorithms to increase speed without lowering difficulty or security. We’ve managed to run a single node at 7,000 transactions a second across the globe, which is a 3x speed increase from the base speeds we were seeing originally. To do this, we added asynchronous transactions and consensus so that no large amount of traffic stops the chain in its tracks, something standard blockchains struggle with on a daily basis. This means we can serve more votes faster and give us a larger scalability.” – Adrian Daluz – Lead Blockchain Developer

What are POLL tokens used for?

POLL tokens are used in 4 different ways.

1) Node rewards. We pay our nodes in POLL for their services.
2) Advertising. The ClearPoll Advertising network offers ad space to corporate clients, in exchange for POLL tokens.
3) ClearPoll Plus. Ad advanced poll results metrics service designed for journalists and marketing professionals, accessible only with POLL tokens.
4) Sponsored Polls. Corporate clients can create sponsored polls, accessible only with POLL tokens. These polls appear in their own special section and feature advanced data metrics to provide great marketing insights.
5) Users earn POLL token rewards for creating polls in the app (rewards based on votes your poll receives) plus for voting on Sponsored Polls. 50% of ClearPoll revenue is returned as rewards to the users, each month. For more info, see here.

How do I store POLL tokens?

POLL is an ERC20 token. It must be stored in a personal Ethereum wallet, such as MyEtherWallet. It can also be stored in your POLL exchange wallet on HitBTC.

Where can I try the ClearPoll Alpha?

The ClearPoll Alpha is available on both Android and iOS.
ClearPoll Alpha Android
ClearPoll Alpha iOS

How can I become a node?

We will be taking applications for nodes in a few months time, after alpha testing. During alpha testing we will be running our own nodes, but once ClearPoll goes live we will be utilising the successful applicants.

Where can I see the Whitepaper?

Our whitepaper can be downloaded from https://www.clearpoll.io/downloads/ClearPoll-Whitepaper.pdf

How many tokens are burned, and when?

We have reserved 1 million POLL tokens (10% of all in existence) to be burned at a rate of 100 every time a poll is completed on the ClearPoll app.

Do you users need tokens to vote? Or any other form pf payment?

No, absolutely not. The ClearPoll app will be 100% free for all users, with the exception of our additional services aimed at corporate clients. We realise we must keep the app free, in order to not limit the number of voters. It is also free to create a topic, which can then become a poll.

Who decides the poll questions?

The users decide the poll questions. This way, we have no say in what issues deserve to be addressed. People decide what’s important and then they vote on it.

How do you stop multiple voting or bot voting?

We use a great system of mobile verification to validate the users. In order to vote multiple times on a poll you would need multiple mobile numbers, multiple devices and multiple ClearPoll accounts. Bots will not get past our validation system either.